Garcia Quintana


Garcia Quintana


Garcia Quintana, Spanish photographer, born in Huelva (Spain)

From early interests in photography covering a wide range of styles ranging from portraiture, reportage, street photography, to decant with the passage of time by a type of very personal photograph not without lyricism and with a character markedly intimate.
Early detection of the work of Sarah Moom, Tony Catany, the Eguiguren brothers and takeoff of Vallhonrat, and the appearance in the impoverished panorama of Spanish photography magazine Nueva Lente, has in it a strong aesthetic and emotional impact . Although I wondered what he considers his main influences refers to Velázquez, the Impressionists or Flemish school ( "almost everything I've learned about composition comes from the painting", says) without discarding (in his words) well that lets you music Johann Sebastian Bach, Mozart, Arvo Part, Keith Jarrett and Jan Garbarek. inveterate music lover, tireless reader and passionate cinephile confesses. One of his last series entitled precisely "The Art of Fugue", endorsing the title of the work of Bach. It is a breakaway series created to contemplate London from one of its tallest skyscrapers in the surrounding buildings seem to project themselves in a continuous leak of shapes and lines.
It has managed to combine his fierce independence as a photographer with respect to classic shapes and styles of photography. With its view of the world, always so personal and seemingly inconsequential aspect causes on his way to photograph continuous and subtle breaks respect of photographic currents of the moment. So they join in it with absolute consistency classicism and modernity, and a good example of this is his recent "Blue Venice" series. A Venice where the tourist is invariable and human landscape architectural part of the city. Quintana Garcia proposes a Venice halfway between modernity and those wet plate collodion early twentieth century, a series of photographs in which the color is so protagonist as the immortal city of canals.

-.¿What You can say again about Venice? It has been written about it ad nauseum, it has painted and photographed through the ages. I've just done my particular vision from prints spot was leaving Venice on me. It was a wonderful experience coming to a city that you know through film, painting, fotogrfía, and see it with your own eyes as if it were the first time you have heard from her. A continuous skin deep emotion. I was lucky to have days of rain and heavy fog. Venice has so much strength and power in itself that disappears when you're there all you've seen and read about it. You are your and Venice. And nothing more"

Scarcely interested in promoting their work, most of his work, as varied as in a risky manner in relation to fashion and modes, unpublished permanence.


• 1992 - "Interior" (Provincial Museum of Huelva)
• 1993 - "From the lights, the shadows" (Gallery Babel - Madrid)
• 1995 - "Stone Dreams" (Gallery Babel - Madrid)
• 1997 - "Stone Dreams" and "From the lights Shadows" (Dockland - Huelva)
• 1999 - "Particular Cuba" (Puerto de las Artes - Huelva)
• 2000 - "Coco Heart" (Cultural Center Antananarivo - Madagascar)
• 2000- "Landscapes. Huelva, Natural and Cultural Heritage "(Botanical Celestino Mutis - Huelva 2000) (Collective)
• 2001- "Some Women" (Museum of Huelva)
• 2002- "Some Women" (Culture House Almonte- 2002)
• "Interior II" (Gallery Ladrús - Huelva 2003)
• "Artists Group Exhibition of Huelva (Huelva Berdigón14- 2004)
• 2005- "Borderline" (Museum of Huelva)
• 2007- "Letters of Love and Desire" (Bulb Center-Zagreb - Croatia)
• 2011- "The birds can fly so high" (Photo Media Center. Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. USA)
• 2012- "Six Visions". (LA Mobile Art Festival- San Diego / California-USA)

• "Interiors" (FV-photography. Madrid 1993)
• "Stone Dreams" (signed Manually editing the author on watercolor paper. 25 copies, numbered and)
• "Particular Cuba" - Notes of a photographer in Havana "(Own Edition -. 74 pg B & W Photos)
• "Letters of Love and Desire" - Blur Magazine. Zagreb (Croatia)
• "Casa Pilatos" (Book Artist - Photographs taken at Casa Pilatos (Seville) during 1995-2000
• "Light in August" (Book of artist-1995-1999)
• "The secret erotic life of a Salesman's Clouds" (Editions Blurb-USA -2013)
• "Coco Heart" (Report at the headquarters of the NGO "La Casa del Agua de Coco" in the city of Fianarantsoa (Madagascar - 2000)
• "Herbolarium" (Notebook botanical mixed media. Watercolor with digital photography and high-end printing 2002-2004)

He has been a founding partner of Latitudes Photography Festival. active from 2009 to 2011, member who resigned.

Curator of the exhibition "A dark room in the pocket", inaugurated under the title "iPhoneography. Ground Zero "in Latitudes Photography Festival 2011. First time in Spain that mobile photography is presented within an international festival and host a in a museum.


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